Harvest oils first TV Ad in NZ

Harvest oils are definetely ready for the Summer BBQ season!

To celebrate the beginning of our beloved Kiwi Summer, harvest is launching its first ad on TV ever.

We worked together with New Worlds, Countdowns and PaknSaves in the country to be able to offer our variety of oils to the end consumers and together with a significant marketing budget, we will be on air in the end of November 2015.

Our featured product is not one of our mainstream oils, it is our organic extra virgin coconut oil, which is not used for cooking on the Ad, and it is used in a quirky way as a thermometer.

Coconut oils start melting with temperatures around 21 degrees, so we thought we could start celebrating our Kiwi BBQ summer when our coconut oils are liquid in our pantries.  

Harvest oils – Ready for the Kiwi Summer.