Our Retail department distributes Cooking Oils, Sugars and Plant-Based Milks to all supermarket chains in New Zealand such as Countdowns, New Worlds and PaknSaves.

Natural Sugars offers the largest range of premium oils in NZ - Canola, Vegetable, Soya Bean, Olive, Rice Bran, coconut, Sesame, Peanut and oil blends. Our flagship brand is called ‘Harvest’ where you will see in most supermarkets in NZ. Food Service and Retail make up the majority of our sales in oil whilst Industrial is an area of focus this year. NS is also a large supplier of ‘buyer’s brand’ RBD Canola and Soya bean Oil in NZ which make up some 150 FCL per year. NS also manages over 200 FCL of Rice bran oil annually shipped ex Asia into Australia.

Our ‘Harvest’ brand has grown consistently since inception and there are aggressive plans in place to really make a positive difference in the category.

The Plant-Based Milk powders range under 'Stir it Up!' is the market leader in natural dairy-free milk powders and offers organic coconut, organic almond, non-gmo oat and non-gmo soy milk powders.